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Barthimus the Provident
Wanted by SB.png
Shining Blade bounty
3,000 XP
750 Gold
10 War Supplies
5 Bonus
15 total
Barthimus the Provident map.jpg



"Barthimus the Provident is a sinister figure who menaces and preys upon innocent Krytans. Those unfortunate enough to encounter Barthimus are often plagued by nightmares... If they survive the experience. This grim agent of the Unseen Ones haunts the Cursed Lands. Queen Salma offers a bounty to any who have the skill and ability to finish off Barthimus."

If you have already completed The Battle for Lion's Arch:

"Relive this important event from the War in Kryta! Barthimus the Provident was a sinister figure who menaced and preyed upon innocent Krytans during the reign of the White Mantle. Those unfortunate enough to encounter Barthimus were often plagued by nightmares... if they survived the experience. This grim agent of the Unseen Ones haunted the Cursed Lands, and that is where adventurers cut him down in the name of the Queen. Slay Barthimus the Provident once again in this historical re-creation and earn the royal bounty!"


Although Barthimus appears closer to Bergen Hot Springs, the easier route is from Temple of the Ages: there are fewer foes along the way and your party size is 8 (instead of 6). Regardless of where you start, make your way to the center of Cursed Lands. Barthimus and his group are in a small clearing beside a hill. His group consists of random White Mantle units, including a couple of healers; since Barthimus brings his own heals, it's important to bring heavy firepower.

  • Approaching from the west (via The Black Curtain) gives you space to move. Be sure to handle the small group of Lynxes to the right before engaging Barthimus (a minion master with Aura of the Lich can make an instant army here). A nearby group of Peacekeepers behind Barthimus' group are very likely to join the fight, so be sure to pull Barthimus' group from afar.
  • Avoid the northern approach: it puts your party at a greater risk of AoE attacks (e.g. Barthimus' Ray of Judgment), because your party will be in a narrow passage in the hill. If the party is caught in this way, a well-timed Pain Inverter quickly covered will make quick work of Barthimus.