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Wanted by SB.png
Shining Blade bounty
3,000 XP
750 Gold
10 War Supplies
5 Bonus
15 total
Cerris map.jpg



"Cerris is an unwashed unwholesome White Mantle deviant who brings life to things that should be dead. Intrepid allies of Kryta who slay Cerris in Nebo Terrace will receive a royal bounty for ending the threat she poses to common folk."

If you have already completed The Battle for Lion's Arch:

"Relive this classic event from the War in Kryta! Cerris was an unwashed, unwholesome White Mantle deviant who gave life to things that should be dead. Intrepid allies of Kryta hunted down Cerris in Nebo Terrace and slayed her during the war. Re-create the famous hunt for Cerris and earn a royal bounty by eliminating this villain once more!"


Start from Beetletun and head southeast, following along the map edge. Once you reach the mountain pass, you will need to battle through a number of Peacekeeper and White Mantle units to reach Cerris. Send one party member through the pass to pull one of the many groups in the valley, one of which will contain Lerita the Lewd. After dispatching of the groups, take the lower road on the left, being careful not to aggro anything on the right. Cerris herself comes with a handful of fresh corpses, and will use Aura of the Lich the moment she comes into your radar range.

In Hard Mode, the fights are not that hard if you are careful with pulling and watching out for patrols. If the Tree of Solitude spawns, it is an easy kill for a morale boost. The fight with Cerris can be simplified by bringing ample enchantment removal to get rid of Dark Bond. Well of the Profane or Chilblains can help to remove Death Nova from Cerris' minions. A Minion Master is not advised for confronting Cerris - if one is present in your party, it would help you more to lose all the minions than to fight Cerris with them because she has Verata's Gaze to steal them. Dazed or Power Block can shutdown Cerris completely.