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Destor the Truth Seeker
Wanted by SB.png
Shining Blade bounty
3,000 XP
750 Gold.png
10 War Supplies
5 Bonus
15 total
Destor the Truth Seeker map.jpg



"Truth Seeker is the ironic sobriquet of Destor, a closeminded, brutal sadist who unquestioningly follows the cruel edicts of the Unseen Ones. For the violence and terror Destor has inflicted in the name of his invisible masters, the Queen has placed a bounty on his head. Those allies of Kryta who slay this monstrous zealot will receive a royal bounty and the hearty thank of the Krytan nation"

If you have already completed The Battle for Lion's Arch:

"Relive this classic quest from the War in Kryta! Truth Seeker was the ironic sobriquet of Destor, a close-minded, brutal sadist who unquestioningly followed the cruel edicts of the Unseen Ones. For the violence and terror Destor inflicted in the name of his invisible masters, foreign adventurers tracked the villain down and disposed of him during the war. Re-create the hunt for this monstrous zealot and receive a royal bounty by slaying Destor."


Start from Temple of the Ages, and head south through The Black Curtain towards Kessex Peak. You will encounter Greves the Overbearing on the way there. Carnak the Hungry can be avoided. Once in Kessex Peak, follow the main path south, but move slowly, as there are pop up foes. You will eventually encounter Destor the Truth Seeker. Though it appears that you can pull Destor's group away from another Peacekeeper group behind them, that group will eventually join the battle, making for a larger opposition than expected.

Two other White Mantle bosses, Justiciar Amilyn and Justiciar Marron, are further into Kessex Peak. Since Destor's group is largely unavoidable, it may be wise to hold on to this bounty until you can obtain a bounty for one of the aforementioned bosses to combine trips.

  • With the current cycle, the bounty for Justiciar Amilyn is only two days later. Consider not attempting to hunt Destor until then.
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