Justiciar Amilyn
Wanted by SB.png
Shining Blade bounty
3,000 XP
750 Gold.png
10 War Supplies
5 Bonus
15 total
Justiciar Amilyn map.jpg



"The murderous warrior named Amilyn hides behind the title "Justiciar," but she is little more than a thug in white garb. Allies of Kryta who travel to Kessex Peak to dispose of this hoodlum will receive a royal bounty and the adulation of all Krytans who have had the misfortune of meeting her."

If you have already completed The Battle for Lion's Arch:

"Re-create this classic event from the War in Kryta! The murderous warrior named Amilyn hid behind the title "Justiciar," but she was little more than a thug in white garb until bounty hunters ended her reign of terror during the war. Travel to Kessex Peak and dispose of this hoodlum to receive a royal bounty in this completely accurate historical reenactment."


Start from Temple of the Ages, and head south through The Black Curtain towards Kessex Peak, fighting any White Mantle in your way. You will encounter Greves the Overbearing on the way there, while Carnak the Hungry can be avoided. Once in Kessex Peak, follow the main path south, but move slowly, as there are pop up foes. You will eventually encounter Destor the Truth Seeker. Turn right out of the swamp, and follow the left wall until you see Amilyn's group in the distance. Amilyn's group contains three random White Mantle units. Her group can be easily pulled, as to avoid confrontation with other nearby patrols.

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