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Sarnia the Red-Handed
Wanted by SB.png
Shining Blade bounty
1,000 XP
250 Gold
3 War Supplies
1 Bonus
4 total
Sarnia the Red-Handed map.jpg



"Sarnia the Red-Handed is a White Mantle criminal who has abused the trust placed in her by common Krytans. A thief and murderer, Sarnia does not deserve to call herself a true Krytan. Allies of the Throne will receive a generous bounty when final justice is meted out to Sarnia."

If you have already completed The Battle for Lion's Arch:

"Re-create this classic bounty hunt from the War in Kryta! Sarnia the Red-Handed was a White Mantle criminal who abused the trust placed in her by common Krytans. A thief and murderer, Sarnia did not deserve to call herself a true Krytan, and met her fate at the hands of bounty hunters in the service of Salma. Earn your royal bounty when you eliminate this menace once again from the pages of history!"


Start from D'Alessio Seaboard and head north. Many enemies can be avoided if following the western wall. Sarnia is easy to find upon a small hill, accompanied by some White Mantle soldiers. You can head up the hill on the left side before engaging battle to eliminate their height advantage.

Remember that the White Mantle are hostile toward the wildlife, especially Caromi Tengu. If you see fighting in the distance, it is best to let them duke it out before picking them off. Although rare, a group of Caromi sometimes spawn close to Sarnia's group, so it may be possible to lure them together. In this case, the Caromi can kill a few of the White Mantle units before the White Mantle overwhelms them. Also, having the Defend North Kryta Province quest active causes Titans to spawn which can easily over power Sarnia and her White Mantle; just aggro a mob near to her location, run past them and stand back - even if you die, the Titans will finish the job.