Valis the Rampant
Wanted by SB.png
Shining Blade bounty
1,000 XP
250 Gold.png
3 War Supplies
1 Bonus
4 total
Valis the Rampant map.jpg



"Valis the Rampant's name is spoken with dread among those Krytan merchants who must transit Twin Serpent Lakes. Valis intercepts travelers and confiscates anything that interests him as a "tithe to the Unseen Ones." Those who resist Valis all meet a common fate. It is time to repay Valis the Rampant in currency he understands: cold steel and magic! Those allies of Kryta who eliminate Valis will receive a royal bounty."

If you have already completed The Battle for Lion's Arch:

"Relive this classic event from the War in Kryta! Valis the Rampant's name was spoken with dread among Krytan merchants who travelled through Twin Serpent Lakes. Valis intercepted travelers and confiscated anything that interested him as a "tithe to the Unseen Ones." In this utterly historical reenactment, you'll earn a royal bounty by hunting down Valis the Rampant once again and making him pay for his misdeeds!"


Start from Riverside Province and exit northwest. There will be a group of White Mantle immediately closeby when you appear in Twin Serpent Lakes, which can aggro if you leave them on their own long enough. Head north, going right when you reach the lake, and follow the lake shore north. Go northeast from the lake, and turn left after you pass the mountain, avoiding the large group of White Mantle to the right. Valis and his group will be atop a hill.

Casters can take shelter beside the hill or under the bridge to the right to prevent getting hit by any ranged attacks. In general, going under the bridge gives your party a greater advantage, provided that no party members depend on projectile attacks. A tank can bodyblock any melee foes at the bend of the hill. Valis' group contains two potent healers. The White Mantle Priest has Signet of Binding, so be careful using spirits. Deep Wound helps with defeating the healers quicker, but be sure to have cover conditions.

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