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War Preparations (Wind and Water).jpg


  1. Speak with Captain Bolduhr.
  2. Defend the sailors as they complete the ceremony.
  3. Receive the blessings of the wind and water.
  4. See Castellan Puuba for your reward.

Obtained from

Castellan Puuba in the Sunspear Great Hall


Nightfall Character
Trial by Fire



"We need to stir the winds before our journey. Captain Bolduhr has hired a bunch of local sailors, but before they embark they must perform a ritual of the winds to Dwayna, the godess [sic] of light and air. Otherwise, the passage to Kourna will be a slow and difficult one, if nigh impossible. He is waiting for you in Kodlonu Hamlet. Return with blessings... or don't return at all."
Accept: "If it is wind you need, it is wind I will bring."
Reject: "You want me to "wake" the wind? That's just crazy talk."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Captain Bolduhr)

"The winds are weak this time of year, so we'll need divine assistance if we're to cross the channel in time. We must seek Dwayna's intervention to summon the winds and currents to spirit us to the port of Gandara. My sailors are already preparing for the ceremony in the Mehtani Keys. They will need your protection to complete the ritual."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Kinya Kela)

"May the tides carry you safely, and may the winds fill your sails. The blessings of wind and water are yours."

Reward Dialogue

"Bolduhr walks with Dwayna... his love of the seas is wide and deep. I only hope Kormir can negotiate for the additional landing craft, or all will be for naught."


The Time is Nigh (requires all three "war preparation" quests listed in its Requirements be completed first)


There will be a group of five Sailors standing by the shrine-like structure just southeast of the entrance to Mehtani Keys. When you approach them, the Sailors will become allied to you, and two waves of three Water Djinn will spawn, with a final one consisting of five. Slay all of the water djinn and Kinya Kela will appear. Speak to Kinya Kela to receive the Blessing of Wind and Water into your inventory. Map travel back to Castellan Puuba in the Sunspear Great Hall to receive your reward.


  • As long as at least one Sailor survives, you will not fail the quest.
  • If you leave the area after receiving the Blessing of Wind and Water and return, the sailors will still be there and will start the ritual again; even if they all die this time, you will still be able to claim the quest reward, regardless of the quest now saying you've failed.