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The War in Kryta continues the story of the conflict between the White Mantle and the Shining Blade; the war follows the Blade's attempts to wrest control of the kingdom of Kryta from the hands of the White Mantle. The event also serves to bridge the storyline gap between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.


To participate in The War (including dialogues, quests, and spawns), the player's account must include both Prophecies & Eye of the North. Each character must also have completed the final mission in either of those campaigns (i.e. they must beat Prophecies or EotN). Additionally, if you have not completed Eye of The North you must have completed Zinn's Task.

Lion's Arch Keep[]

To reach Lion's Arch Keep and begin the War in Kryta Quests, a character must:

  1. Talk to Chark just outside of Vlox's Falls in Arbor Bay.
  2. Visit Dakutu Village in Talmark Wilderness

New allies and enemies[]

Ebon Falcons[]

Coming to the aid of the Shining Blade are the Ebon Falcons from the Eye of the North.

Peacekeepers and White Mantle[]

The Peacekeepers are the White Mantle's "bodyguards"

Helping the White Mantle out in their war against the Shining Blade are new White Mantle units (including updated dual-profession builds) and the newly-introduced Peacekeeper bodyguards.


Shining Blade Bounties[]

Once characters gain access to Lion's Arch Keep, they can accept daily bounties (similar to Zaishen Bounties) posted on the Wanted by the Shining Blade signpost. These quests award War Supplies, with a bonus for completing them in Hard Mode.

The signpost also offers 3 one-time bounties for high-ranking White Mantle inquisitors. Completing these quests will grant the character access to the storyline quests described below.

Storyline quests[]

After completing all 3 of the inquisitor bounties, Princess Salma will offer a series of quests that lead the character through the storyline to the conclusion of the War in Kryta. These quests include Royal Gifts as rewards.

Consumables and collectible items[]


Collectible items[]


  • Completing The Battle for Lion's Arch opens access to Hearts of the North, which shows what happens to Gwen and Keiran after the War in Kryta.

War in Kryta Quests Medal of Honor.png
Wanted: Inquisitor BauerWanted: Inquisitor LashonaWanted: Inquisitor Lovisa
Riverside AssassinationA Little Help From AboveTemple of the IntolerableMustering a ResponseThe Battle for Lion's Arch
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