Ward Spell

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Ward AoE.JPG

Wards are defensive, location based area of effect spells exclusive to Elementalists. PvE characters also have access to specialized wards such as Ebon Vanguard battle standards, which are not profession-exclusive. Wards are placed at the location of the caster when they finish casting the ward spell. They cannot be moved or removed, and any non-spirit creature located within the ward will be affected by it. In PvE, the ward is represented by a glowing red circle, as shown in the image. In PvP, the circle is the color of the team that cast it. Wards affect allies or foes, but not both. Because they cannot be removed once cast, they are far more reliable than hexes or enchantments for stationary battles. Finally, the effects of different, overlapping wards stack on characters and creatures within range.

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