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Wardens are dwellers and self-appointed protectors of the Echovald Forest that are hostile to outsiders. They resemble humans with long curved horns coming out of their heads. They can be found in mixed groups patroling all explorable areas in the forest.

The Wardens are led by Urgoz, a former guardian spirit of the Echovald that has been corrupted. They may have been humans (druids or shamans perhaps) at some point, but have merged with the spirit of the forest and are now something different than humans. As a group they were driven to the edge of insanity by what happened to the Echovald Forest on the day of the Jade Wind. To see life extinguished in the forest and the entire place petrified, yet they survive to witness all of that, made them more fanatic than ever. They reserve the right in their traditions to seek vengeance against Shiro Tagachi for what he did to the forest. They secretly work to find a way to reverse the petrification, but, until then, they remain a threat to any humans traveling the forest.

All Warden units start with "Warden of ..." and the following label changes depending on level. For example, the lowest level Warden warrior is the Warden of the Trunk followed by the Warden of the Tree and finally, the highest level warrior is the Warden of Forests.

Unit Hierarchy[]

Pongmei Valley and Echovald Forest Ranger19 (25) Warden of the Leaf Warden Horn
Echovald Forest Warrior18 (25) Warden of the Trunk
Warrior21 (26) Warden of the Tree
Warrior24 Warden of Forests
Ranger21 (26) Warden of the Branch
Ranger24 (26) Warden of Winds
Mesmer18 (25) Warden of the Mind
Mesmer20 (26) Warden of the Spirit
Elementalist24 (26) Warden of Earth
Ritualist18 (25) Warden of the Spring
Ritualist20 (26) Warden of the Summer
Ritualist24 (26) Warden of Seasons
Warden Horn
Urgoz's Warren Warrior28 Maddened Forests Warden
Ranger28 Maddened Wind Warden
Monk28 Maddened Song Warden
Mesmer28 Maddened Mind Warden
Elementalist28 Maddened Earth Warden
Assassin28 Maddened Thorn Warden
Ritualist28 Maddened Spirit Warden

Maddened Wardens can only be found in the later parts of Urgoz's Warren. They use the naming convention "Maddened ... Warden" and have the largest skill-set among all wardens.

There are Warden bosses of all core and Factions campaign professions. There are no non-boss Necromancer Wardens in the game, while non-boss Monk and Assassin Wardens are only in one high-level area. However, the Ritualist Wardens provide some healing support to make up for the lack of Monk Warden units.

The Warden of Saprophytes, an assassin, is the only Warden boss that adopts the Warden unit naming convention.

All Warden types except for boss Wardens have slightly less protection against fire damage compared to other types of attack.

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