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  1. Warn Kehanni of Varesh's forces.
  2. Destroy the vanguard assaulting the temple.
  3. See Head Priest Vahmani for your reward.

Obtained from

Royal Finance Minister Oluda in Honur Hill


All's Well That Ends Well



"When an obscure Kournan playwright books a private performance at the posh Bokka Amphitheatre for the premiere of a questionable work, you know something is amiss. I didn't want to complain because he paid us a heaping sum, and with Varesh sending her protection forces in, we didn't think anything of it. I would warn Kehanni at the Mirror of Lyss immediately; her party is defenseless."
Accept: "Let us make haste!"
Reject: "Let something else!"
When asked about quest: "Kehanni is in the Mirror of Lyss. We must hurry!"

Intermetiate Dialogue 1

Kehanni: "Help us! They came out of nowhere!"
Overseer Juntahk: "In Abaddon's name this realm will fall."
Kehanni: "I don't think so, demon. Our faith is stronger than your blade."
Overseer Juntahk: "Such faith will end with your life."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Kehanni)

"Thanks for the assistance. The fact that it was a trap wasn't surprising. Bokka had the wool pulled over his eyes! I'll bet that Morgahn wasn't in charge of that attack. Talk to Head Priest Vahmani. He'll tell you how to proceed next."

Reward Dialogue (Head Priest Vahmani)

"I highly doubt Morgahn was involved in the attack on the temple. It would seem that Lyssa has yet another lesson to teach us. This one I fear may be my final. These twisted humans are known as Margonites. The oldest were part of Abaddon's initial battle with the gods, whereas the youngest are twisted and "blessed" through Varesh's dark rituals. Some of us in Vabbi aren't as blind as our leaders. We must prepare."


Greed and Regret (Margrid the Sly)
Calling the Order (Master of Whispers)


Although the first objective is warning Kehanni you must first take care of a small but powerful assault force of Margonites led by Overseer Juntahk. This attack occurs close to the western portal exit of Grand Court of Sebelkeh, so after getting this quest, starting from there if you have that outpost already on your map, will save some time. After defeating them, you can then talk to Kehanni.