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Well Spells (or "Wells" for short) are corpse based area effect spells available to Necromancers. Once a well is placed, it cannot be removed and its effect takes place on all designated targets within it. Wells either benefit allies or harm foes, but never both.

Basics on well spells[]

Wells create a visible circle around the corpse when cast. The circle will be a translucent green with bolts coming out of the corpse that hosted the well while its edge will be a translucent red edge similar to that of wards. The well does not end if the corpse is Resurrected.

When casting a well spell it will always use the unexploited corpse nearest to the caster. If there is no suitable corpse in range an "invalid target" message will be shown and the necromancer will lose no energy. Like other corpse-exploiting spells, a Bloodstained Insignia will reduce the casting time of well spells by 25%.

Overlapping Wells of the same type do not stack (i.e., standing in an area where two Wells of Blood are cast will not give you double the health regeneration). Overlapping wells of different types do stack, however (i.e., standing in an area where Well of Blood and Well of Power overlap will give you the health regeneration from both wells, plus the energy regeneration from Well of Power).

Degeneration from Well Spells will not aggro foes and will not cause them to flee due to AoE damage, and using a hostile well spell will not cause a player to be considered in combat.

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