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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Prophecies.

This is the symbol of the White Mantle, visible on many of their units' armor.

The White Mantle are a powerful religious order, formed by Saul D'Alessio. They are the ruling body in Kryta.

During the Charr invasion, Kryta was about to fall to the Charr as Ascalon did. This is when Saul and his followers rose to defend Kryta, aided by new gods he called The Unseen Ones. The White Mantle get their name from the white robes and cloaks that members of the order wear. They now reject the worship of the Old Gods.

Every year, the Mantle administer the Test of the Eye and take the Chosen, supposedly to give them special education. Unknown to those outside of the order (with the exception of the Shining Blade, the rebel group trying to oppose the Mantle), the White Mantle sacrifice the Chosen on the ancient Bloodstones.


Type Collectable Drop
War in Kryta
  1. Quest-specific
  2. Mission-specific

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  • The symbol of the White Mantle resembles a stylised Mursaat.
  • Most Shadow Army units loosely resemble the White Mantle.
  • The White Mantle organization has probably been inspired by the Children of the Light in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time book series.