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Path for first half of quest

Path for second half of quest


  1. Destroy the three groups of White Mantle vanguard marching to Quarrel Falls.
  2. See Councilor Vaylor for your reward.

Obtained from

Gareth Quickblade in Quarrel Falls




500 XP
Cane: Chaos Dmg: 9-16 (req. 5 Domination Magic); Health +10; Health +10 (while hexed); Health +10 (while enchanted)


"We have been betrayed by one of our own! A traitor has given away the location of the Shining Blade's bases throughout the region. In response to Hablion's death, they are launching a massive strike led by the Demagogue.
Scouts have reported a vanguard compromising three groups; they're currently pushing towards Quarrel Falls. We must warn Councilor Vaylor outside of Ventari's Refuge. I need you to head them off and buy us some time."

Reward Dialogue

"You have bought us time, hero. Your deeds today will not be forgotten, and they certainly won't go unrewarded by the Shining Blade. We are grateful for your assistance.
Gareth's support will be here shortly."


White Mantle Wrath: A Helping Hand


Follow the path that curves from the north of Quarrel Falls to the south, towards the exit into Ettin's Back. There are three groups of White Mantle that you must defeat. Each of the groups usually consist of two White Mantle Knights and a White Mantle Sycophant.

There are groups of Maguuma Centaurs that may engage the White Mantle units, particularly the last group; the other two groups are less likely. If you see them fighting and the White Mantle appear to be losing, do not wait. Help the White Mantle kill off the other group. If you let the Centaurs kill off the White Mantle, the quest will fail and you will have to start over.

Once the last group of White Mantle falls, this part of the quest is finished. Head into Ettin's Back. Cut South West through ravine where Hember [collector] stands. End with Councilor Vaylor. You will find groups of Maguuma roaming as well as Devourers; be careful not to aggro too many as fighting a large group of Maguuma and Devourers at the same time may be deadly.


Bug.png Bug! The third group can be in battle with some Maguuma Centaurs, but even if you let the Centaurs kill them all it will not show up in your Log. You could try entering Ettin's Back and then back again, but this doesn't always work. If that happens, you are forced to start the quest all over from the beginning again.
  • The cane offered as a reward looks like a deadly cesta.