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The Wilderness Survival attribute reflects a Ranger's skill when using rituals, preparations and traps. This is not a primary attribute and may be used by secondary rangers.

Guild Wars description[]

No inherent effect. Many Ranger skills, especially Rituals, Preparations and Traps, become more effective with higher Wilderness Survival.

General description[]

Many nature rituals are part of the Wilderness survival skill list and are used by many rangers to provide a global effect to all non-spirit creatures. Traps and preparations are dominantly used to spread conditions quickly to enemies. Wilderness Survival can be a strong choice for a secondary ranger through the use of skills like Apply Poison and Troll Unguent. Since Wilderness Survival includes some stances to increase movement speed or provide additional armor, it is useful for runners as well.

Associated skills[]

Wilderness Survival will enhance these listed wilderness survival skills.

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