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Winds of Change continues the story of Cantha and the Dragon Empire. The storyline follows the newly formed Ministry of Purity's attempts to eradicate the Afflicted. This is the third major installment in Guild Wars Beyond, which serves to bridge the storyline between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

WARNING! Initiating the Winds of Change storyline by completing the first quest, Cleansing Bukdek Byway, will irreversibly change the enemy spawns in most explorable areas of Kaineng City, as well as a few areas on Shing Jea Island. See the Notes and warning below for details.


For a character to access the Winds of Change content (including dialogues, quests, and spawns), the player's account must include the Factions campaign, and the character must have finished the Factions storyline by completing the Imperial Sanctum mission, either NM or HM.

New allies[]

The Ministry of Purity[]

The Ministry was formed to protect the people of Kaineng City and finally destroy Shiro's Afflicted creations shortly after the end of the Factions campaign. The Ministry of Purity is attempting to clean up all the leftover Afflicted from Shiro Tagachi's brief return to power.


The "(HM)" after each quest links to that quest's hard mode version, which becomes available after completing both the normal mode version of the quest and the hard mode version of the quest's prerequisite.


Side quests[]

New items[]


Notes and warning[]

  • The progression through time causes drastic changes to Cantha. In particular, the Afflicted that formerly populated the "cleansed" areas (cf. the area-specific quests given by Inititate Zei Ri and Initiate Tsuriai) will no longer appear.
  • WARNING! Many players find the new enemies to be significantly more difficult, with the Scavengers even more so due to the limited party size on Shing Jea. Characters working on the Vanquisher or Cartographer titles should avoid Winds of Change until they have completed these areas.

Boss replacements[]

Area Skill Original New
Pongmei Valley Weapon of Quickening Weapon of Quickening The Afflicted Hakaru Uris Tong of Ash
Shadow's Passage Enraged Smash Enraged Smash The Afflicted Ako Tuila the Club
Shenzun Tunnels Stolen Speed Stolen Speed The Afflicted Li Yun Rai Zhon the Manipulator
Shenzun Tunnels Mind Burn Mind Burn The Afflicted Kam Xi Lin of the Flames
Sunjiang District Broad Head Arrow Broad Head Arrow The Afflicted Huan Zu Jin the Quick
Sunjiang District Shadow Form Shadow Form The Afflicted Soon Kim Fah Yu the Shadow's Eye
The Undercity Ray of Judgment Ray of Judgment The Afflicted Miju Ming the Judgment
The Undercity Order of Apostasy Order of Apostasy The Afflicted Huan En Fa the Awakened

Boss non-replacements:

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