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*[[Cleansing the Sunjiang District]]
*[[Cleansing the Sunjiang District]]
*[[Cleansing Pongmei Valley]]
*[[Cleansing Pongmei Valley]]
*[[Rescue at Minister Cho's Estate]]
*[[Rescue from Minister Cho's Estate]]
*[[Cleansing Haiju Lagoon]]
*[[Cleansing Haiju Lagoon]]
*[[Cleansing Zen Daijun]]
*[[Cleansing Zen Daijun]]

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Winds of Change continues the story of Cantha and the Dragon Empire. The storyline follows the newly formed Ministry of Purity's attempts to eradicate the Afflicted. The event also serves to bridge the storyline gap between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.


For a character to access the Winds of Change content (including dialogues, quests, and spawns), the player's account must include the Factions campaign, and the character must have finished the Factions storyline by completing the Imperial Sanctum mission, either NM or HM.

New allies

The Ministry of Purity

The Ministry was formed to protect the people of Kaineng City and finally destroy Shiro's Afflicted creations shortly after the end of the Factions campaign.


Cleansing the City

Characters can speak to Initiate Zei Ri to assist in destroying the last Afflicted.

Gang Wars

the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood have been a thorn in the Dragon Emporer's side for too long, characters can speak to Lei Jeng to fight the good fight.

Consumables and collectible items

Collectible items

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