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Friday, December 21, 2007 (12:00 pm PST): Start of the event

Festival Finale[]

Tuesday, January 1, 2008:

Lion's Arch Kamadan
PST Timezone MST Timezone CST Timezone EST Timezone GMT Timezone PST Timezone EST Timezone GMT Timezone
12:01 AM 1:01 AM 2:01 AM 3:01 AM 8:01 AM 12:16 AM 3:16 AM 8:16 AM
3:01 AM 4:01 AM 5:01 AM 6:01 AM 11:01 AM 3:16 AM 6:16 AM 11:16 AM
6:01 AM 7:01 AM 8:01 AM 9:01 AM 2:01 PM 6:16 AM 9:16 AM 2:16 PM
9:01 AM 10:01 AM 11:01 AM 12:01 PM 5:01 PM 9:16 AM 12:16 PM 5:16 PM
12:01 PM 1:01 PM 2:01 PM 3:01 PM 8:01 PM 12:16 PM 3:16 PM 8:16 PM
3:01 PM 4:01 PM 5:01 PM 6:01 PM 11:01 PM 3:16 PM 6:16 PM 11:16 PM
6:01 PM 7:01 PM 8:01 PM 9:01 PM ~ next day 6:16 PM 9:16 PM ~ next day
9:01 PM 10:01 PM 11:01 PM ~ next day ~ next day 9:16 PM ~ next day ~ next day

Wednesday, January 2, 2008:

Lion's Arch Kamadan
EST Timezone GMT Timezone EST Timezone GMT Timezone
~ previous day 2:01 AM ~ previous day 2:16 AM
12:01 AM 5:01 AM 12:16 AM 5:16 AM
3:01 AM 8:01 AM 3:16 AM 8:16 AM

  • NOTE - If your district is created after the Avatars appear, they will not come and your district will not take part in the event. To be safe, it is best to map to the town at least 5 minutes before the event is due to start. Also, to prevent from being logged out from lag, you might want to go to a district without as many players.

Redecorated towns[]

Quests and Missions[]

During the festivities, special quests will be offered:

See also: Category:Wintersday 2007 quests


A number of candysmiths appeared in the above listed event towns, they offer candy and gingerbread weapons in exchange for Candy Cane Shards,

For a listing, see: Category:Candysmiths.

Snowball arena[]

Like in the 2005 and 2006 version of Wintersday, the Snowball Arena is available in Kamadan, Lion's Arch, Great Temple of Balthazar, and in Ascalon City.


The following are the available items from Wintersday 2007, with a brief description from the official Guild wars website:

Wintersday Gift.png Wintersday Gift: What surprise will you find inside? Unwrap it to find out.
Snowman Summoner.png Snowman Summoner: Need an instant snowman? This gift is for you.
Eggnog.png Eggnog: The holiday season's staple drink.
Spiked Eggnog.png Spiked Eggnog: A more potent glass of 'nog for the hale and hearty. Please imbibe responsibly — don't drink and quest.
Wintergreen Candy Cane.png Wintergreen Candy Cane: The return of the adventurer's favorite candy treat.
Rainbow Candy Cane.png Rainbow Candy Cane: A different flavor of candy cane that should also make long days of questing more enjoyable.
Yuletide Tonic.png Yuletide Tonic: Drink this tonic if you want to be one of Dwayna's little helpers during the festivities.
Glob of Frozen Ectoplasm.png Glob of Frozen Ectoplasm: You'll need some of this collectible item when you get low on Yuletide Tonic.
Fruitcake.png Fruitcake: Another holiday staple that is sure to put a spring in your step.
Candy Cane Shard.png Candy Cane Shards: Collect these colorful fragments by questing and competing. The outcome of Wintersday could hang in the balance. Besides, you never know what somebody might trade for them, (but you might want to hold onto your shards until the finale, and use them for good... or mischievous... intent).
Peppermint Candy Cane.png Peppermint Candy Cane: Removes all death penalty. Not usable in PvP.
Winter Gift.png Winter Gift: Make a special child happy, and you may just receive a special gift.
  • See also: Category:Wintersday 2007 items


A number of collectors appeared in the above listed event towns, handing out special reward items in return for special collectible items. The selection differed, depending on whether the collector supported Dwayna or Grenth.


During the Wintersday 2007 event, collectors appeared in several outposts within the Prophecies and Nightfall campaign. Each collected a different trophy and offered some of the following Wintersday items in return:


Spiked Eggnog2


Snowman Summoner

Wintersday Gift3

Wintergreen Candy Cane

Yuletide Tonic4

  1. Eggnog is only offered by the followers of Dwayna in Tyria and is only offered by the followers of Grenth in Elona.
  2. Spiked Eggnog is only offered by the followers of Grenth in Tyria and is only offered by the followers of Dwayna in Elona.
  3. Wintersday Gifts are only offered by Wintersday Gift Givers,.
  4. Yuletide Tonics are only offered by Tina & Terum the Tonic Makers, who do not offer any other items.


Name Location Collecting Follower of
Priest Erwin Ascalon City 2 Ornate Grawl Necklaces Dwayna
Priestess Clara Ascalon City 3 Charr Carvings Dwayna
Necromancer Ichibaun Ascalon City 2 Stormy Eyes Grenth
Necromancer Malaise Ascalon City 2 Singed Gargoyle Skulls Grenth
Priestess Siara Lion's Arch 1 Shadowy Remnants Dwayna
Dark Priest Calmein Lion's Arch 2 Feathered Caromi Scalps Grenth
Necromancer Kalvori Lion's Arch 2 Hardened Humps Grenth
Terum the Tonic Maker Lion's Arch 1 Glob of Frozen Ectoplasm n/a
Priest Meran Lion's Arch 3 Decayed Orr Emblems Dwayna
Acolyte Rockhammer Droknar's Forge 1 Frozen Remnant Dwayna
Dark Priestess Velna Droknar's Forge 1 Dredge Manifesto Grenth
Dark Priest Shadowvein Droknar's Forge 2 Frigid Hearts Grenth
Abbot Silverbeard Droknar's Forge 3 Stone Summit Badges Dwayna


Name Location Collecting Follower of
Dark Priest Bandeh Kamadan 2 Silver Bullion Coins Grenth
Monk Sutoni Kamadan 3 Sentient Roots Dwayna
Priestess Mahni Kamadan 3 Copper Shillings Dwayna
Necromancer Dunbari Kamadan 3 Juvenile Termite Legs Grenth
Tina the Tonic Maker Kamadan 1 Glob of Frozen Ectoplasm n/a

Obtaining your Wintersday Hats[]

Rally support, don't try to take on Dwayna or Grenth by yourself...

To receive a Wintersday hat, you must have a character present at one of the finale events in either Lion's Arch or Kamadan. The hat you receive depends whether Dwayna (Wreath Crown) or Grenth (Ice Crown) wins the particular district you're in, which in turn depends on the number of people supporting each god. While this may cause an element of randomness as to which hat you receive, players typically band together to control which deity wins each district, therefore ensuring everyone can get the hat they want.

In order to create an easy method of securing headgear from Grenth or Dwayna, the Even-Odd system from last year is continued being used by most players again. If you would like Dwayna headgear in a particular town, stand on the blue or green circles in even-numbered districts. If you would like Grenth Headgear from a particular town, stand on the red circles in odd-numbered districts. In this fashion, headgear can most easily be acquired by anyone simply by choosing an odd or even numbered district in Lion's Arch or Kamadan. However, there may be exceptions, especially in non-English districts with lower population. If you're unsure as to which god your district is going to support, ask other players in-game and change districts if necessary.

Players with both Prophecies and Nightfall can get both hats back to back, as Lion's Arch is timed to be 15 minutes ahead of Kamadan. If a player receives the Dwayna hat in Lion's Arch, for example, that player can then immediately jump to an odd numbered district in Kamadan to receive the Grenth hat.

Candy Cane shards are required in order for your vote to count; however, they are not required for the festival hat.

Until Jan. 8, 2008 you could go to a Festival Hat Maker NPC and get both 2007 hats, even if you weren't at the finale event.

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