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To be wiped out is to have no surviving members of the party.

This usually refers to a mission or other areas with no resurrection shrine, such as the Fissure of Woe or Ruins of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, where death will cause the party to be ejected back to the staging outpost. Players may also use the term to refer to the death of all members in a normal explorable area.

A wipe also occurs if all players are dead and none of the heroes or henchmen has a usable resurrection skill.

Bug.png Bug! If the only surviving party members are heroes with no usable resurrection skills other than Lively Was Naomei and / or Restoration, a wipe will result.

Many factors can lead to a party's destruction, such as:

  • Key members of the party either leave or become disconnected.
  • The party becomes outnumbered.
  • The party is not properly prepared.
  • The party's level of skill is not high enough for the area.
  • The party members voluntarily die (now much less common than the /resign command).

In many cases where the Death Penalty is too great in a PvE situation, the team may choose to use the /resign command to start fresh at the nearest outpost. If a party is wiped while in Hard Mode, and every member of the party has 60% Death Penalty, the entire party will be returned to the last visited outpost.