Wisdom of the Druids

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Quest Summary:

  1. Travel through the Sage Lands and await the druids at the base of the waterfall.

Obtained from:

Avatar of Dwayna in Druid's Overlook


Note: In order for the Avatar to be present in Druid's Grove, your territory must have the Favor of the Gods. If your territory does have the favor and the Avatar is not by the Statue of Dwayna, then step up to the statue and type "/kneel" to have the Avatar appear.


500 XP

Mission Text:

"Child, Dwayna senses within you the impatience that all too often plagues the mortal mind. She now offers you an opportunity to glimpse a deeper serenity to which you may aspire. The druids of Maguuma, holy beings who surrendered their mortal flesh to become one with the jungle, will soon gather benwath a waterfall not far from here. Search through the Sage Lands for their meeting place and await them there."


Tip: This quest is best done along with the Eye for Profit quest as the meeting place for the druids is exactly the same place for the beast in that quest.

If you have already traveled to The Wilds then it is closer to start from there. Basically head to the north western end of the Sage Lands and then head east into the low land with the water in it (the star on the map). There you will find the waterfall.

The druids will not be there when you arrive. Instead four groups of Maguuma Spiders will spawn in sequence (each group 2 or 3) in a short distance and come to attack you. After you kill the final group, the druids will appear and start a deep discussion about "All that exists is all that must be."

Just wait until they finish talking, the one marked Ancient Spirit Druid will give you the reward.