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The World Map is a full screen window which can be accessed by pressing the "M" key. It allows you to view the entire map for the continent you are currently in (Tyria, Cantha, Elona or the Battle Isles). Any explorable areas you have explored and missions, outposts, towns and arenas you have visited will also be shown. By clicking any map icon you can instantly travel to that location. You can zoom in and out by clicking, and drag the map view by holding the right mouse button.


Region Tyria Cantha Elona Realm of Torment Battle Isles
Town CityIcon.png FactionsTownIcon.png NightfallTownIcon.png TormentTownIcon.png CityIcon.png
Outpost OutpostIcon.png FactionsOutpostIcon.png NightfallOutpostIcon.png TormentOutpostIcon.png OutpostIcon.png  
Cooperative Mission Outpost MissionIcon.png FactionsMissionIcon.png NightfallMissionIcon.png TormentMissionIcon.png
Challenge Mission Outpost FactionsChallengeMissionIcon.png NightfallChallengeMissionIcon.png TormentChallengeMissionIcon.png ZaishenChallengeIcon.png
Competitive Mission Outpost   FactionsChallengeMissionIcon.png      
Elite Mission Outpost       TormentEliteMissionIcon.png  
Arena Outpost ArenaIcon.png FactionsArenaIcon.png NightfallArenaIcon.png   ArenaIcon.png
Guild Hall         GuildHallIcon.png
Travel icon ShipIcon.png ShipIcon.png ShipIcon.png   ShipIcon.png
Asura Gate AsuraGateIcon.png AsuraGateIcon.png AsuraGateIcon.png    
Vortex     VortexIcon.png VortexIcon.png  
Eye of the North Mission icon GWENIncompleteMissionIcon.png GWENCompleteMissionIcon.png        
Dungeon DungeonIncompleteIcon.png DungeonCompleteIcon.png        


Mainly in the Jade Sea and the Echovald Forest, where the center of the towns/outposts are blue/red and don't have any lettering in them, you can still see the lettering (which is always shown in Kaineng City outposts) when the map fades away while closing it (open map with 'm', and close it with 'm' and you can see the lettering). This works better with the outposts without Guilds' logos on them like the jade flats.

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