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  1. Place the toothed cog in The Cruncher's cog mouth. It is the only place a master gear won't fit.
  2. Eliminate the 5...0 remaining rebel spirit keepers.
  3. See Krak Flamewhip for your reward.

Obtained from

Krak Flamewhip in Sorrow's Furnace


Take Summit Slaves



"There is been some trouble in our best pulverizer, The Cruncher. Some of those damned Dredge rebels managed to steal the toothed cog needed to operate that machine. Of all the machines to mess with! We can't meet our quota without the Cruncher! A master gear won't get 'er up 'n running; it must be that toothed cog. Get it back, fix The Cruncher, and take care o' any Dredge ye find. And be quick about it, or it'll be fifty lashes for ye!"
Accept: "Right away, Boss! Those rebel spirit keepers are as good as dead."
Reject: "I have other duties for someone more important..."

Reward Dialogue

"If ye don't want a taste of my whip, ye'll do better next time!"


The quest marker will bring you to a gate. You will need to open this gate. Simply grab a master gear from any nearby gearbox and place it in the gearbox that operates the gate. A short way through the gate you will find the rebels. They are constantly moving and the Spirit Keepers are hard to isolate. It's best to simply observe the patrol movements then pick them out one at a time. The Spirit Keepers will resurrect fallen rebels so you need to take them all out quickly.

One of the Spirit Keepers (not necessarily the last one slain) holds the toothed cog. After dispatching the rebels, place the cog in the gearbox marked by the quest marker. Then return to Krak Flamewhip for your reward.

Tip: This quest is a lot easier if you do not take it, then open the gate as above and go in to kill the Dredge troops. This way, the Spirit Keepers will not be there yet (they spawn after you take the quest). This will make killing the other troops easier and killing the Spirit Keeper after taking the quest also much easier.