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A Wurm Spoor allows players to summon the Junundu Wurm. Once activated, Wurms pop up out of the ground and swallow all players in the area. The Wurm can then be controlled in the same way as a normal character.

Wurm Spoors can be easily identified by the beam of light that appears to shine upwards from the spoor and the junundu wurms circling their activation point. These Wurms are background scenery and cannot be targeted.


  • Wurm Spoors are found only in The Desolation.
  • Wurm Spoors will only work once players have completed the Gate of Desolation mission.
  • Only players in the area of the wurm spoor will be swallowed by wurms. If henchmen are too far away (through flagging or use of a run skill) they will not be swallowed. The player will have to exit his wurm and activate the wurm spoor again once all characters are near it. Wurms now seem to swallow henchmen in two "waves" to reduce having this effect occur accidentally, but it is still possible for it to happen.
  • If any member of a party has not completed the Gate of Desolation mission, the wurm spoor will not work for any members of the party UNLESS the "offending" member is dead (tested to work in the The Sulfurous Wastes and Joko's Domain explorable maps). It is assumed this is to reduce Running. If used in Joko's Domain or The Alkali Pan the entrance to the Bone Palace remains closed off.
    • As of December 7, 2007, it appears you can no longer access the wurms if a player in your party has not completed the Gate of Desolation mission, even if they ARE dead.
  • Junundu wurms have their own unique skillset.
  • When enemies are within aggro range, you will not be swallowed by Wurms from the Wurm Spoor until you clear the aggro circle of foes or the foes move outside the circle.


  • Spoor is a term for signs of an animal's recent presence, such as footprints or droppings, which can be used for tracking.
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