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[[Xue Yi]] can be found in [[Kaineng Center]].
[[Xue Yi]] can be found in the northern part of [[Kaineng Center]], right outside of the [[Bejunkan Pier]]. Other NPCs in the area include [[Guardsman Chienpo]] and Xue Fang, the [[Dye Trader]].
==Rare Materials offered==
==Rare Materials offered==
*[[Leather Square]]
*[[Leather Square]]

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Xue Yi
Xue Yi.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Artisan
Level(s): 20


Xue Yi is an artisan, i.e. a crafter for rare crafting materials.

For a certain input amount of common crafting materials and gold he will craft you the specified amount of rare crafting materials.


Xue Yi can be found in the northern part of Kaineng Center, right outside of the Bejunkan Pier. Other NPCs in the area include Guardsman Chienpo and Xue Fang, the Dye Trader.

Rare Materials offered

For a list of required input materials and gold to be paid see: Artisan