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Xunlai Agent
Xunlai Agent (male).jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Storage
Level(s): 15


The male Xunlai Agents allow you to add access to the materials storage upgrade, in addition to providing the standard Xunlai services. They differ from the standard agents in that they display an initial dialog before displaying your storage account.

Just as each PvE character must pay separately to access storage, so too must each character purchase storage upgrades separately. PvP characters gain access to storage upgrades as soon as any roleplaying character on the account purchases it.

For further details, see Xunlai Agent and Vault Box.

Quests Involved In[]



Initial dialogue when selecting spoken to:

"We of the Xunlai are always looking for ways to improve our services. Even as we speak, our finest mages are hard at work researching new and better ways to store and transport items.
Are there any storage upgrades you are considering purchasing?"

After selecting "Crafting Material Storage":

"The Xunlai guild is proud to introduce Crafting Material Storage. For a small fee of 50 gold, your storage account will be upgraded to hold up to 250 of each crafting material without using any of your normal storage slots.
Are you interested?"
Accept: "Purchase upgrade. (Pay 50 gold.)"
Reject: "I'll be on my way."

After purchasing the Crafting Material Storage:

"Congratulations! You now have access to Crafting Material Storage. Talk to any Xunlai Agent to access your storage account and use the Crafting Material tab to view your new storage space."