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Xunlai Chest
Xunlai Chest.jpg

Species: Chest
Profession: Storage
Level(s): 24


The Xunlai Chest NPCs allow a character to access the account's Vault Box. Roleplaying characters must pay a one-time fee of 50 Gold.png to a Xunlai Agent to gain access to the Vault Box and the ability to use Xunlai Chests; PvP characters do not have to pay this fee.


"This vault is sealed by Xunlai magic. There is an inscription on the lid that reads: Talk to a Xunlai Agent to activate your storage account today!"


Historical note.png Historical note: Xunlai chests were added so that you can visit your storage account without speaking with a Xunlai Agent. (June 15th, 2007 )
Historical note.png Historical note: Keeping with the inhospitable nature of the Realm of Torment and The Desolation, Xunlai Agents were replaced with Xunlai Chests. (April 5th, 2007)


  • Although Xunlai Chests are presented as inanimate objects, game mechanics treat them as level 24 NPCs (nine levels higher than a Xunlai Agent).
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