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Yeti are giant-folk who dwell in the hills and mountains of Cantha. Like the real-world cryptid of the same name, these creatures resemble a large, bipedal mixture of human and ape. The yeti are just intelligent enough to form a hunter-gatherer society with a deep tradition of honor and courage (as the yeti understand these concepts). Yeti have been known on rare occasions to interact peaceably with humans, speaking a broken version of the common tongue. Usually, however, they will attack humans on sight. They also seem to possess a deep and mutual enmity toward all the Canthan Tengu tribes.

Types[edit | edit source]

The following types of Yeti are found on Shing Jea Island:

The following types of Yeti, all simply called "Yeti", are found in Pongmei Valley and the Jade Sea:

Notes[edit | edit source]