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Disambiguous.png This article is about the skill Yuletide. For for the wintersday item, see Yuletide Tonic.
Effect details
Campaign: Core
Type: Effect

Your maximum Health becomes 500, your maximum Energy becomes 40, you have +4 Energy regeneration, your primary attribute is reduced to 0, and you may only attack with attack skills.

Concise: You have 500 maximum Health, 40 maximum Energy, +4 Energy regeneration, 0 for your primary attribute, and you may only attack with attack skills.


  • Yuletide is an effect applied to all players in the Dwayna Vs Grenth snowball arena and in many other snow-fighting areas.
  • The Yuletide effect also has the following unlisted effects:
  • In all areas where you are affected by Yuletide, the armor level on your character's armor has no relevance, as all snowball skills ignore armor.
  • "You may only attack with attack skills" means that you cannot use your weapon's ordinary auto-attacks. When attempting to auto-attack, you will still move towards the target until you are within range for your weapon's attack, e.g. adjacent when wielding melee weapons.
  • Yuletide is not applied to Jack Frost or the Grentches and Snowmen found in other areas.
  • The +4 Energy regeneration replaces natural Energy regeneration and Energy regeneration from equipment instead of adding to it.