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Species: Human
Profession: Ranger Ranger-icon.png
Level(s): 3...20

Yuun, NPC[]

Yuun is a fellow student of Master Togo's. He is keen to solve the mystery of the plague and has been tracking down some of the plague creatures on his own.

Quests Involved In[]



When spoken to in the Divine Path:

"I only wish I could have gone with you on your adventures. That must have been a lot of fun!"

Yuun, Quick Shot Henchman[]

Profession: Ranger
Armament: Bow
Armor: Ranger Canthan Armor

Yuun is available for hire from Shing Jea Monastery onwards until Zen Daijun, where he gets replaced by Zho. Later on, he appears at intervals on the mainland.


Skills used[]


  • His elite isn't that useful in PvE.
  • He doesn't deal a lot of damage.
  • He lacks interrupts.
  • He has decent survivability due to his armor and Troll Unguent.


On Shing Jea Island:

"Well met! I am Yuun. The thrill of battle surpasses all other things. You never know that you're truly alive until you can feel the rush of blood through your veins. Did you need something from me?"


Self promotion on Shing Jea Island:

  • "I sense that together we would be a force to be reckoned with."
  • "It would be my honor to join you if you would invite me."

Idle quotes on Shing Jea Island:

  • "Are we just going to stand around all day? This is so dull."
  • "I've got this invention I've been thinking about. It's sort of a small cart, well it's not really a cart, just a wooden board with some wheels on it. You balance on it and ride it around. I'm just not sure what to call it yet."
  • "One thing you have to say about Shing Jea with the Naga, Crimson Skull, Yeti, Tengu, kappa, and Mantids it certainly never gets dull."

Battle quotes:

  • "Headshot!"
  • "I can dance all day."
  • "I think you're just afraid of the… headshot!"
  • "I'm not even breaking a sweat."
  • "My heart's beating!"
  • "This is what it's all about!"
  • "This really gets the blood pumping!"
  • "Try to hit me, try!"
  • "We're having some fun now."
  • "Woo hoo!"


  • During battle, Yuun can be seen yelling "Headshot!", "I can dance all day!", "Try to hit me, try!", and "My heart's beating!". This may be a reference to the popular FPS Doug phenomenon (episode 5).
  • From what Yuun says, he is the soon-to-be inventor of the skateboard.
  • Despite his name, Yuun does not use the Ranger elite Quick Shot.

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