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Zaishen Bounty
Zaishen Bounty
Species: Zaishen Signpost
Profession: Quest giver
Level(s): 24

General[ | ]

The Zaishen Bounty Signpost offers daily Zaishen Challenge Quests in which you are tasked with slaying a specific boss or boss-like foe. As a reward you receive a combination of gold, Kurzick/Luxon Faction or reputation/promotion points, experience, and Zaishen Coins.

Like the other Zaishen Challenge Quests, you can only have 3 Zaishen Bounty quests active in your Quest Log at any time.

Location[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

"This is the signpost where Zaishen Mission quests are posted."

When talked to by a PvP Character:

"The signpost speaks of far off lands which you have no interest in as a PvP Character."

When your Quest Log currently has three Zaishen Bounty quests:

"Zaishen bounties are limited to 3 at one time."

Rewards[ | ]

There are 4 tiers of rewards.

Tier1 XP Gold Title points2 Copper Zaishen Coins3
Base Bonus
1 1,000 500 100 / 500 20 50
2 5,000 1,000 300 / 1,250 30 75
3 10,000 1,500 500 / 2,500 40 100
4 15,000 2,000 750 / 7,500 60 150
  1. The tier is roughly determined by the "status" of the boss.
  2. The first number listed is for bounties that reward Sunspear or Lightbringer points, the second number is for all other points. Two quests do not follow this scheme: the tier 2 bounty for Prismatic Ooze gives 2,500 Dwarven points, and the tier 4 bounty for Duncan the Black gives 3750 Dwarven points.
    Title point rewards are mostly related to the region where the boss is found, i.e. bosses in Echovald Forest give Kurzick Faction, bosses in the Far Shiverpeaks give Norn reputation points, etc. Dungeon bosses generally give Dwarven points, but some give points for the surface region the dungeon entrance is in. Check the individual quests for the exact rewards.
  3. The base Copper Zaishen Coin reward is for defeating the boss, while the bonus reward is for defeating the boss specifically in hard mode. Defeating the boss once in hard mode will fulfill the requirements for both rewards.

Notes[ | ]

  • The quests rotate on a 66-day cycle with no repeats.
  • If you already have the quest that is being offered on a certain day, you will not be able to take it even after completing the "old" one so it may be a good idea to complete it before that day comes.
Historical note Historical note: This NPC was added as part of the initial 4th Year Anniversary Update.
Historical note Historical note: Copper coin rewards were increased in the June 18th, 2009, game update.

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