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Zaishen Challenge Quests are daily quests offered by the Zaishen Order designed to encourage players to re-experience different parts of the Guild Wars game world.


There are four types of Zaishen Challenges, each of which is obtained from a signpost of the same name in the Great Temple of Balthazar. Only one quest of each type is offered each day.

The quests offered change daily at 16:00 UTC. Even though the quests are only available for 24 hours, completed quests can be turned in at any time, allowing you to keep the quest active as long as you need to complete it. You can keep up to 3 quests of each type in your Quest Log at a time.


Each type of Zaishen Challenge Quest has a fixed, repeating schedule. The tables below list the quests that were or will be available within 7 days.

Game updates have altered these schedules in the past. It is possible that this may happen again in the future, in which case the schedules below will be unable to predict future quests until the new schedule has completed a full cycle.

This week[]

Last update: Wednesday, 03:40 (UTC)

Date Zaishen Mission Zaishen Bounty Zaishen Vanquish Zaishen Combat
Today Thunderhead Keep Fendi Nin Rhea's Crater Random Arena
January 19, 2022 Tihark Orchard Mungri Magicbox Mamnoon Lagoon Fort Aspenwood
January 20, 2022 Finding the Bloodstone Priest of Menzies Shadow's Passage Heroes' Ascent
January 21, 2022 Dunes of Despair Ilsundur, Lord of Fire The Mirror of Lyss Alliance Battle
January 22, 2022 Vizunah Square Kepkhet Marrowfeast Saoshang Trail Guild vs Guild
January 23, 2022 Jokanur Diggings Commander Wahli Nebo Terrace Codex Arena
January 24, 2022 Iron Mines of Moladune Kanaxai Shenzun Tunnels Random Arena
January 25, 2022 Kodonur Crossroads Khabuus The Ruptured Heart Fort Aspenwood

Last week[]

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Full schedules[]

For the complete schedules of each quest type, see:


The rewards for completing Zaishen Challenges include experience, faction or reputation points, gold, and Copper Zaishen Coins. Each quest has a base objective, the fulfillment of which will complete the quest. The quests also have bonus objectives (except for the Vanquish quests), which reward additional Copper Zaishen Coins if completed. The exact rewards and objectives vary depending on the quest type and the relative difficulty of the quest.

Zaishen Coins[]

Zaishen Coins come in copper, silver, and gold denominations. There are three NPCs in the Great Temple of Balthazar who will trade the coins for various rewards and can also convert coins to a higher denomination.


Bug.png Bug! If you log out with a character immediately after turning in a completed Zaishen quest, and do not log back in until that same quest becomes available again, you will not be able to take the new quest with that character. This can be avoided by zoning before you log out after turning in the completed quest.
Historical note.png Historical note: Zaishen Challenge Quests were introduced as part of the Fourth Anniversary update; at this time only Bounty, Mission, and Combat quests were available. Zaishen Vanquish quests were added in the 2011 Feature Build.


  • The highest possible daily Zcoin reward (on a single character, without repeating the Zaishen Combat quest) is 960 Copper Zaishen Coin.
  • Similarly, the lowest possible daily Zcoin reward is 299 Copper Zaishen Coin.

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