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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Challenge Mission. For the Nightfall quest of the same name, see Zaishen Elite (quest).
Zaishen Elite
Zaishen Elite.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Challenge
Part of: The Battle Isles
Zaishen Challenge

General Description[]

The Zaishen Elite is a Challenge, i.e. a training arena to simulate PvP battles against AI-controlled opponents. Players can fight endlessly against teams of increasing power in different arenas.

One account can only earn a total of 6,000 Balthazar Faction per 24 hours from the Zaishen Elite. Faction earned in Zaishen Challenge or Training Arena counts against this limit. After earning 2,000 faction in Zaishen Challenge, Training Arena, or Zaishen Elite, you will not gain faction from kills the first round. The second round can be farmed up to 3,000 faction, third round up to 4,000 faction, fourth round up to 5,000 faction etc.

If you start at the Zaishen Elite with no faction from the other arenas, it would take 16 rounds to reach the 6,000 faction cap.

You can still earn faction from other PvP (such as Random Arenas) after reaching the cap for Zaishen Elite.


How to get there[]

The Zaishen Elite (also known as the Zaishen Elite Refuge) is located on The Battle Isles. Map travel to the Isles from Lion's Arch (Tyria) or Kaineng Center (Cantha) or Kamadan (Elona).

To be able to map travel to the Zaishen Elite you must first "unlock" it. This is done by beating 5 of the 6 opponent teams in the Zaishen Challenge.

Once you have beaten the Zaishen Challenge, you may also use the Forbidden Path. The quest The Path of the Zaishen Elite will lead you.

Unlocking is per account. This means, once one character has unlocked it, all characters on the same account will be able to enter it.






If you hit the "Enter Mission" button in your party window, you get to fight the same opponent teams, in the same arenas as the Zaishen Challenge. However, this time the selection is random, and this time there is no final objective. The number of fights is endless, and the difficulty increases with every victory, including increments to the number of AI opponents (The increases occur every 3 rounds starting at the 2nd round, with the final increase to a maximum of 12 opponents in the 23rd round). This can result in fighting at a serious disadvantage, especially as each of them has a Resurrection Signet.

An example YouTube video with a group of trappers fighting 12 NPCs can be found here.