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Zaishen title track[]

These titles are granted to an account that has opened the Zaishen Chest multiple times. Each opening of the chest grants 5 points towards the title.

Rank Title Zaishen points required Total keys needed
1 Zaishen Supporter 250 50
2 Friend of the Zaishen 500 100
3 Companion of the Zaishen 1,000 200
4 Ally of the Zaishen 1,680 336
5 Sentinel of the Zaishen 2,800 560
6 Steward of the Zaishen 4,660 932
7 Defender of the Zaishen 7,750 1,550
8 Warden of the Zaishen 12,960 2,592
9 Bastion of the Zaishen 21,600 4,320
10 Champion of the Zaishen 36,000 7,200
11 Hero of the Zaishen 60,000 12,000
12 Legendary Hero of the Zaishen 100,000 20,000

Emotes (/zaishen or /zrank)[]

Rank Emote
1 Copper Spear
2 Silver Spear
3 Golden Spear
4 Golden Spear + Copper Hammer
5 Golden Spear + Silver Hammer
6 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer
7 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Copper Axe
8 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Silver Axe
9 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Golden Axe
10 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Golden Axe + Copper Sword
11 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Golden Axe + Silver Sword
12 Golden Spear + Golden Hammer + Golden Axe + Golden Sword

Images, as well as a video demonstrating them, may be found here.


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  • The title names are derived from the Allegiance rank title tracks.
  • These emotes cannot be "spammed" like other emotes, since they can only be done once every 30 seconds.
  • Any keys used before the May 8th 2008 update did not grant points toward the Zaishen title track.
  • Every 1,000 Balthazar Faction or each Tournament reward point spent on keys (assuming you use the keys you get) will give you 1 point for the Zaishen Title. Thus, rank 12 equals 100,000,000 Balthazar Faction if you only use keys you obtain with your own faction.
  • If the player bought all the Zaishen Keys from Jessie Llam with only Gold Zaishen Coins, one would need a total of 10 million Copper Zaishen Coin and 5,000 Platinum.
  • Rank 3 is needed to display this in the Hall of Monuments.

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