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Species: Human
Profession: None NA-icon-small.png
Level(s): 20


Zehnchu informs the players about Zaishen Missions, Bounties, and Combat that were added in the 4th birthday celebration. He also gives the rewards to finishing the Zaishen Challenge Quests.

Quests Involved In[]

  • Gives the reward for all Zaishen Challenge Quests



"Hey! How's my favorite champion?"
  • "Tell me about the Zaishen Challenge Quests."
"You didn't get to be a world-renowned champion by sitting around a marketplace all day; you challenged yourself. Well, the Zaishen Order has created some awesome challenges worthy of a hero like yourself. On these signposts we post various challenges that will test your leadership and battle prowess: Zaishen Mission, Zaishen Bounty, and Zaishen Combat. It's quite busy here because we put up new challenges every day. Just remember: you can only have three of each type before your Quest Log fills up."
  • "Tell me about Zaishen Mission."
"The missions are important tasks requested of the Order by important people all around the world. Because you are a trusted ally of the Zaishen Order, we can entrust these vital deeds to you. Changing daily, some may seem familiar; some may be new to you. Once you've taken care of these important matters, come back and I'll reward you handsomely."
  • "Tell me about Zaishen Combat."
"Balthazar watches the arenas for the best and the brightest combatants. This is your chance to honor Balthazar in combat versus other champions or guilds. For your victories, the Zaishen Order will honor you and I'll reward you."
  • "Tell me about Zaishen Bounties."
"A variety of benefactors have asked the Zaishen to deal with nefarious foes around the world, in the depths, and in the Mists. You can simultaneously impress and assist the Order by killing these villains for us. Succeed and you'll earn fame and fortune. You can collect the bounty from me."
  • "Rewards? What kind of rewards?"
"Not only will you gain prestige in the eyes of Balthazar, but each challenge offers notoriety, experiential, and monetary rewards based on varying degrees of difficulty. The exact amounts depend on several factors. I can't reveal our benefactors, but past champions have, on occasion, gained esteem with the Luxons, the Kurzicks, the Asura, the Deldrimor, the Norn, and the Vanguard. As for monetary rewards, you may earn gold and our exclusive Zaishen Coins.
  • "What are Zaishen Coins?"
"You can use Zaishen Coins to pay for some of the services the Zaishen offer. Helena, in the Zaishen Menagerie takes them in exchange for some pet acquisitions. And Tesla, Pokhe, and Jessie Llam over there offer many very special items that are otherwise challenging to acquire."