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Zehtuka's Pack
Zehtuka's Pack.png

Pack spawn location in the Ruptured Heart from the Mouth of Torment

Zehtuka's Pack is a mysterious item that can be found in the Poisoned Outcrops,The Sulfurous Wastes, The Shattered Ravines, The Alkali Pan, The Ruptured Heart or Joko's Domain. It has a chance of appearing in any of those explorable areas, but each area has only one spot for it to appear at.

It is a container with 10 slots that behaves exactly like a bag that's been upgraded with a Rune of Holding. It can be equipped and used to store items. The Bag will take up one of the spaces for bags in your inventory, so basically, the size of the inventory still cannot exceed 65 items.

Most likely it belongs to The Great Zehtuka.


  • Although applying a Rune of Holding to Zehtuka's Pack will not be prevented by the game mechanics (as happens when trying to apply a Rune to a bag that already was upgraded), the process will fail ultimately, with a message saying that a bag may not have more than 10 slots.


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