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Zilo the Drunkard
Zilo the Drunkard.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 10

Zilo the Drunkard is a lvl 10 NPC found in the Tihark Orchard (mission).
You must win a drinking contest against him in order to receive the bonus.


Skills Used[]


  • "None can outdrink the mighty Zilo! All who have tried have fallen comatose at my feet, facedown in their own bile!"


After accepting Zilo's challenge you'll see the following statements he makes, trying to discourage the player:

  • "I don't have any drinks for you. This trusty keg here is for me alone. Slip through the party and nab drinks from the willing. If you can imbibe 12 mugs before I finish this keg, you win. But trust me, you don't have a chance, lightweight."
  • "Give up now, amateur. You'll never beat me!"
  • "Itsh a miracul yur still standing!"
  • "Yus better hurry. My three kegsh almosh gones!"

If you defeated Zilo:

  • "What? You *hiccup* beat me? My pants off to you. *hiccup* Now if you'll *burp* excuse me...I have to attend a meeting
    between an empty *hiccup* bucket and tonight's dinner. *burp*"
  • "I love you man!"

If you failed to defeat Zilo:

  • "I ish victori- *hiccup* victori- *hiccup* victori- *HICCUP*...da man! I told you ah would winsh!"


Right next to Zilo you'll see Zilo's keg, but it's to no use for the player.
Instead you'll see a progress bar at the top of your screen displaying Zilo's own progress during the bonus quest.

To win this mini-mission, you must run around and steal drinks from NPCs in the area. Warning- if you steal a drink from The Great Zehtuka, he will attack you and other nearby NPCs until his health drops sufficiently or the harpies come.