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Path To the Lair in the Falls

Path to Zinn


  1. Retrieve R.O.X.'s power crystal.
  2. Retrieve N.O.X.'s power crystal.
  3. Retrieve P.O.X.'s power crystal.
  4. Locate Zinn's secret lair.

Obtained from

Image of Zinn




"[Difficulty: Master] To preserve Zinn's reputation as well as the great Kingdoms of Tyria, you must find and deactivate the R.O.X., N.O.X. and P.O.X. golems."
Accept: Save an Asuran's reputation? What a noble cause. I'm in.
Reject: I will not comply.

Reward Dialogue

As promised, here is further compensation for your services. Perhaps I underestimated you...I mean, I'm happy my faith in your abilities rang true.


For walkthroughs of individual quests, see Deactivating R.O.X., Deactivating N.O.X., and Deactivating P.O.X..

Zinn's Secret Underground Lair is found by going to The Falls in Tyria with M.O.X. in your party.

To get there, start from Ventari's Refuge, and travel south to Reed Bog. From there, travel south-west to The Falls. Once you are in The Falls, head West as far as you can go, then head North. You will have to cover approximately half of The Falls map area. Be on the lookout for a number of spider pop-up's in the early areas. After these, most mobs (including some boss mobs) are avoidable. You will also have to circle around clock-wise and cross over the vine bridge going North. You will find yourself battling a few small mobs of Wind Riders before coming to Behemoth Jaw Collector Agrippa Stonehands. Approach and click on "The Falls" which can be seen on top of a large rock behind the collector, overlooking the western falls.

Once you are in the Secret Underground Lair, there are no more foes. Just go see Zinn for your rewards.


  • Other players joining the quest must also have all three campaigns (whether or not they have already met their own M.O.X.).
  • This quest is non-repeatable. After the first time, the manual takes you to the Hero Tutorial in EoTN.
  • The power crystals do not appear in inventory; they cannot be traded.
  • M.O.X. needs to be in the party to enter the secret lair (party members without M.O.X. as their own hero will also be transported).