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This is a mission entry. For information on the mission outpost Zos Shivros Channel, see Zos Shivros Channel (outpost).

Challenge Mission. Protect Battle Priest Calibos for as long as you can. Killing a Luxon Adept in the surrounding area gives a morale boost, a score bonus and the blessing Rage of the Sea. New "waves" of more powerful enemies will be announced and a short timer will appear. A Hold-out score bonus is given every minute. At regular intervals the score values increase.


Keep Battle Priest Calibos alive for as long as possible

  • Destroy Luxon Adepts to receive a morale boost and score bonus.


The reward is exactly Trunc(P*R) faction, Trunc(P*R/2) experience and Trunc(P*R/4) gold.
P = Point Scored.
R = Ratio = 2000/(best monthly score).

  • If you beat the Daily high score you are rewarded with an additional 4000 Luxon Faction and 500 gold.
  • If you beat the Monthly high score you are rewarded with an additional 8000 Luxon Faction and 1000 gold.
  • If you beat the Quarterly high score you are rewarded with an additional 16000 Luxon Faction and 2000 gold.
  • You are rewarded with 1 Luxon Faction per kill.
  • You are rewarded with 50 Luxon Faction each minute you survive.
  • You are rewarded with an additional 100 Luxon Faction for each Luxon Adept you kill.


The first wave will be composed of Outcast Deathhands, Outcast Ritualists, Outcast Warriors and Outcast Assassins.

The second wave will be composed of Naga Ritualists, Naga Warriors and Naga Archers.

The third wave is made up of Leviathan Claws, Leviathan Eyes and Leviathan Mouths.

The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh waves are made up of Leviathan Claws, Leviathan Eyes, Leviathan Mouths, Naga Ritualists, Naga Warriors, Naga Archers, Saltspray Dragons, Kraken Spawn and Oni.

The eighth wave and beyond is made up of Siege Turtles.


Every three minutes, the point reward for killing an Adept increases by 3 points. The longer the team waits before killing Adepts, the greater the bonus will be.

A single person with longbow range can kill an Adept while the rest of the team protects Calibos. As a static NPC, the Adept will not move to defend themselves in any manner. Ritualist Spirits can accomplish this, however a Ranger is generally preferred for this task.




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